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Welcome, to Suspiric Noir! Suspiric Noir is an independent production company based in the South of England. Formally known as TerrorVision Productions, Suspiric Noir was founded in 2016. We specialise in the independent horror & thriller genres, producing film, music videos & promotional material.

With a rapid growth of equipment inventory & crew here at Suspiric Noir, we are steadily expanding our range of productions, with an already packed line up including two feature films to begin production in our first year, and the anticipated public release of two short films, one of which has been screens at several film festivals around the globe.

The three foundations of Suspiric Noir.

Although an “independent” film company, we aim to only produce top quality productions, worthy of its audience.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism, not only will you receive top quality productions, we can also promise that we work efficiently and reach targets given to always keep the ball rolling.

What we believe to be the most important objective of Suspiric Noir, is to provide original, superior entertainment. At the end of the day, we are just regular film lovers, doing what we love.

Klayton Dean

Klayton Dean

Founder & Managing Director of Suspiric Noir, Klayton Dean is a Producer and Director for the company. Klayton started young when he moved from Chicago to the UK at the age of 15 to study Media Production at a local city college. Whilst at College, Klayton won the award for Best Film and Best Director for two separate films in the same year.

After schooling and while working different day jobs to pay the bills, including some running and acting work, Klayton lost the drive and was distracted from what he wanted to do the most: to make movies. That is why before too long, Klayton slowly regained his passion, sparking his momentum as a creative force. Klayton created a YouTube channel reviewing films, which later spawned TerrorVision Productions, his very own production company that specialised in music videos and short films.

After directing several well received short film, Klayton met George Najdzien, who Klayton partnered up with to produce and shoot a successful short film, Opus Dei. This led to Klayton and George to create Suspiric Noir. With many productions in the pipeline, including a hugely anticipated short film Feed the Black, and the production of the companies first feature film In League with The Devil, Klaytons creative drive is at its peak, causing the production company to rapidly expand.

George Najdzien

George Najdzien

One of the two founders of Suspiric Noir, George Najdzien is one of the Writers & Directors for the company. Having gained a first class honors degree in 'Film & Television Studies' at University, George wasted no time getting out into the world and doing what he loves; creating movies.

In 2015, George wrote and directed his debut short film Opus Dei. Produced by TerrorVision Productions before becoming Suspiric Noir, the film was funded out of his own pocket and for nothing other than his own passion. George & Co had nothing but positive feedback for the film, therefore out of pure curiosity, George decided to submit the short to several film festivals around the world, resulting is a personal global success with it being accepted into many.

This led to George and his partner, Klayton Dean, to start from the ground up to build what has become Suspiric Noir. An independent film production company, specialising in horror, thriller and the controversial.

Currently writing the screenplays for Suspiric Noir's first two feature films, In League with The Devil, directed by Luke Morris, and a feature length version of his own short Opus Dei, which he will also be directing, George's career in the film making industry is in full throttle. George's main goal with Suspiric Noir though, is to create original cinema that will surprise and surpass audience expectations around the world, as George believes if the story is unoriginal, then what's the point?

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